LLS – Light the Night

This year, we’re participating as a company in the Kansas City Light the Night Walk to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Several of our families have been directly impacted by these cancers, and we wanted to support them through this event (and hopefully many others to come).

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How Can You Help?

Follow us on Twitter

Between now and the walk, October 5, for every new follower we gain on Twitter, we will donate $0.50 to the cause.

Our goal is 4,000 followers! You can help us get the word out! First, follow us on Twitter:

Retweet this message to all your followers:

Let’s beat #Leukemia. @optimaww will donate $0.50 to @LLSusa for every new follower before #LTNKC! Pls RT!

Donate to our Team!

We’ve got a competition going on within our company donate to your favorite member of Team Optima. The top earner will win a fabulous prize, and hold it over his or her peers for a full year.

Check out Team Optima’s page

Other Efforts

We’re currently exploring a pro bono arrangement with the LLS to enhance their web presence, improve their social media outreach, and help drive awareness for future events. Hopefully we’ll get started on that soon!

Legal Mumbojumbo

  1. Donation will be based on the increase in followers on Twitter from 7/13-10/3/2012.
  2. Any activity that appears fraudulent (i.e. buying followers or using false accounts) may be removed from the final count. Optima reserves the right to remove new followers from the final count if they deem them fraudulent. We’re looking for real people here!
  3. We’ll make a donation on behalf of the first 4,000 new followers. Any followers beyond 4,000 are still eligible for warm and fuzzy feelings and a heartfelt “thank you!” Hopefully next time the boss will let us give away even more!