Charitable Work

At Optima, we firmly believe that each person has a duty to help others and to give back. For some, that means treating the sick. For others, building homes for the homeless. If we tried either of those things, the resulting health, fire and safety code violations would be disastrous. Instead, we’ve found other ways to give back that are more in line with our natural strengths:

Pro Bono Web Presence Management

There are so many great charities in the world that nobody has ever heard of, simply because their funding goes toward helping people (or animals), rather than marketing. We try to help at least four such charities each year by building websites completely free of charge.

If you know of a charity in need, nominate them and they could get a sweet new web presence!

Discounted Services for Non-Profits

We know that every dollar a charity spends on marketing is a dollar they could have spent helping their cause. For this reason, we discount our services for charities in need.

Volunteer Work

Kyle, the founder of Optima, is a volunteer and mentor with SkillsUSA. Read more about his role as the USA technical expert for the WorldSkills Website Design Competitions.

Giving Back the Old Fashioned Way

giving to charity

As we mentioned above, we don’t cure the sick. We don’t build houses for the homeless. We certainly don’t know the first thing about curing cancer. Instead, we donate a portion of revenue from your projects to charities we believe in.